Hear Yourself Think

Sep 5 / Nancy Morris

Can you hear yourself think?

Probably not.

Most people are stuck somewhere between the external gurus (that tell you they know more than you do so therefore you should buy their secrets) and the internal critic (that tells you that you are undeserving, unworthy, not good enough or some other BS you’ve learned along the way).

With all that noise going on, it is no wonder you can’t hear yourself think !!

There are only three weapons that will slay those villains.

Self-awareness – of what you think, how you feel, why you believe certain things, what motivates you, what makes you sad, what scares you, who makes you feel all mushy, why you like certain things more than others and so on.

Accountability - we are more likely to keep a promise to someone else than to ourselves so having a degree of accountability to a person you respect, who will kick your ass if need be, can accelerate you along your path.

Encouragement - we all need a sincere 'well done' from time to time, especially when we are still bogged down in our own negativity that we cannot see how amazing we really are (which is generally every day).

Put these three things together, and the internal and external noise that is getting in your way doesn’t stand a chance!

Action – On a scale of 1-10, honestly rate whether you have true self-awareness, have someone (or several) who respectfully hold you accountable and have someone (or several) who genuinely boost you up.

What’s missing?
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