Who Am I?

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Your Opportunity For Growth

“Who am I” relates to how grounded you feel from faith, family, nature, purpose or something you consider important and meaningful in your life. One who is grounded tends to be balanced and calm, rarely flaring in anger. It also relates to your knowledge of and alignment to your integrity. Basically, integrity is your moral compass and behavioral principles. Strong integrity and groundedness work together to create a sense of internal cohesion, peace and resilience.
If your total was under 25
Of all the sections offering personal and professional growth opportunities, improving your integrity and/or sense of groundedness is the place to start.

If your total was between 26 and 50
You are likely easy to anger, feel scattered and hesitate in various daily situations, especially when ‘right and wrong’ are in question.

If your total was between 51 and 75
Your score was likely high on some statements and low on others. If so, focus on increasing those lowest numbers to create more balance.

If your total was over 75
You have a strong sense of what keeps your feet on the ground and your standards of behavior for yourself. The next step would be to ensure that you are not projecting your integrity or judging others. Check your score in “why do I”?
The information below outlines several attitudes and actions of someone with a high MeQ™ score in this section. Please use them as a path of development for yourself. Again, this is not about labels – it is about learning.

Who Am I at Work
High scores in this section of the MeQ™ mean that work generally gives you a positive feeling. While you may not always enjoy your job, you are able to find a sense of purpose to your work as you are grounded outside of a career or job title. As you prioritize around a sense of meaning in your life, you naturally reduce the likelihood of burnout. Strong resilience means you are adaptable and calm under pressure. You rarely get involved in work-related gossip or office politics and are more interested in helping others achieve their goals too. Popular leaders are known for being honest and grounded, are consistent in their behavior with the team and they do not manipulate others for personal gain.

Who Am I at Rest
“Rest” in this context relates to your most personal relationships, including close friends and intimate partners. Our relationships, though challenging at times, are intended to give us a comfortable, “restful” place to be with others as ourselves. While our close friends and intimate partners have a part to play in creating that place, our self-awareness is a significant factor in those relationships. A high score in this section of the MeQ™ means you are proud of who you are but not arrogant or pushy toward your close friends and partners. You are curious about what they aspire to and, while you do not take responsibility for their behavior, you are attentive to showing up in and for your relationships. You are grateful to have close relationships and demonstrate that gratitude often.

Who Am I at Play
We generally underestimate the degree to which our personal identity is related to our social connections. But, with a high MeQ™ score in this section, you value your social relationships greatly and they are a priority in your calendar. You treat people fairly and are patient in both your attitudes and actions. Giving respect in all your relationships is important to you, even when there are disagreements, and you inject joy into your activities with others. While at “play”, you may be competitive but that is from a place of challenging yourself rather than other people. You are likely an active volunteer but, at the very least, want to create change in the world, or just your corner of it. Living life fully is important to you.

Quick tips and habits for improving groundedness and integrity, regardless of your score:

  • If you struggle to keep promises, start by making and keeping small ones and grow from there.
  • Have a mantra, such as “I say what I mean and mean what I say”, and repeat it daily (several times).
  • Write out all your values and focus on just one every week.
  • Using a journal, reflect back on your day especially highlighting what you are grateful for and what you are most proud of.
  • If you aren't sure what keeps you grounded, dedicate time to figure it out (it is that important to your overall wellbeing and daily sense of self).
  • Figure out your standards of behavior for yourself (what you feel is right and wrong in your daily life).
  • Come up with a definition of life success, even using this as the starting point for your own.
  • When are you at your best, in a state of flow or highly energized? Do more of that.
  • Set aside at least a few minutes at the end of each day to consciously pause and acknowledge your greatness (yes, seriously).
"Who Am I?" is broken down in the MeQ™ into both how you ground yourself and also your sense of integrity. To be grounded is to lead a life that is generally balanced, sensible and realistic. Integrity is demonstrated in our moral attitudes and behaviours. Your personal foundation is rooted (pardon the pun) in groundedness and integrity.
“Why do I” is usually a question you have when disconnected from your groundedness and integrity. You seek to understand so you can explain your attitudes and actions either to yourself, another person(s) or both. It is often your inner fears and judgments that create the disconnection in the first place, so increasing self-awareness in those two areas is the basis of understanding most “why” questions.
“How do I” encapsulates your sense of knowledge. It's more concrete than “who” or “why”. Not only does the question show you perceived (or actual) knowledge gaps, it's also a more “future” oriented question. Whether that future is the next 10 minutes, the next 6 months or next 25 years, you are looking for answers that can take you where you want to go. By finding the answers to those questions, and doing so from a place of high self-awareness, you are actually creating your ideal self.
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